Tiong Ang


Ambition (Portrait of Scarlett Johansson), 2014

Fidelity (Portrait of Chloƫ Sevigny), 2014

Actor with Statue, 2009

Universality, 2015

Ghost (Woman and Objects), 2015

A Year of Living Dangerously, 2016

Sleeper, 2017

House of Shyness, 2014

Sleeper, 2017

Universality-Decorum of Thought and Desire, 2015

Pavilion of Distance II, 2013-2018

Surabaya (Indonesia), 1961

Recent show: Bridging Realities (Sleeper continued #3), 2018

The work of Tiong Ang spans a wide array of media, from collective performance, experimental film, through video and installation to painting and the display of objects. His practice accross these forms centers around the social, emotional and existential consequences and negotiation of dislocation, disparate identities and diaspora. He addresses multiple gestures of human presence and representation, using social intervention and juxta-position, chance and communality, mockery and disguise. He explores subjective positions in divided, ambivalent, and collective conditions, be it on ethical, ethnic, or sociopolitical grounds. Recurring themes are the impact of mass and digital media on individual perspective and collective memory, and the anxieties evoked by mobility and globalization. Initially an object/painting based studio artist, from the mid-1990s Ang has expanded his production including experimental film, performative and relational enactments, interdisciplinary collaborations and curated projects. In a divergent practice, he examines authority and sustainability of images and narratives. The common thread in the work is the conflict between detached objectivity and engaged subjectivity; it demonstrates how universal media not only affect our perceptions of places and events but also denote our concept of reality. Elements of selfhood, cultural meaning and social absorption have emerged in a diversity of mediated images. Thus, human perception and behaviour converge in complexities of disparate truths. The persona of the artist, distorted by media based projections, is the ultimate body to explore the human experience.