3rd June - 15th July 2017

Matea Bakula; The chemistry between dr. Frank and me

Lumen Travo is delighted to present the debut show of Matea Bakula, (winner of Startpoint Prize for Best European Emerging Artist, 2013) Matea Bakula’s sculptural works can be described as playful interventions in which she investigates the possibilities and limits of materials. She works similarly to a chemist or a physicist by trying to find answers to the secrets of her materials. By observing the qualities or limitations of the materials that she is using, and the reasons for their behavior, she discovers why certain materials easily stretch or others spread out in an oval manner.

Bakula presents two series of works that rely on the act of movement. The artist brings the materials of both works to life without losing their intrinsic structure, and allowing the them to keep their substance. Bakula’s fascination and respect for chemicals like polyurethane foam and methylethylketon is clearly visible. By taking the role of a choreographer, she finds the limits of her materials, and is able to entice their profound and rarely seen character.

Matea Bakula (Sarajevo, 1990) graduated from HKU, Utrecht in 2013 and currently lives in Rotterdam. Her recent shows include: Work Title Festival, Les Brigittines, Brussels; Let us meet and let us meet again, Casco, Utrecht (2016); Work Title Situation #3, Work Space Brussels, Brussels; I wish I never kissed that frog, Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam (2015) among others.