14th March - 11th April 2015

Peter Zegveld

Special opening talk by Atte Jongstra at 17:00 on 14th March 2015

Lumen Travo is delighted to present works by Peter Zegveld (The Hague, 1951). Zegveld is a renowned Dutch theatre maker and visual artist. He produces sculptures, installations with sound, art works in the public realm, he paints and performs and is well known for an experimental and multi-disciplinary approach. Alongside his own productions for theatres, countless festivals and autonomous art, he has made productions for Orkater, the Amsterdam-based music theatre, and others, and series for Dutch TV. He makes use of principles from the field of physics, for example: the way light, air, sound and gravity behave. Underpinning his work is a hidden world full of wonder, absurdity and surprise.
In 2010 he presented Good Vibrations installation at the Dutch pavilion in Shanghai and in 2013 he presented Beelden en installaties at Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.


walking sun

Walking Sun, 120cm x 120cm