31st March - 28th April 2012

Stephen Willats: How the future looks from here

Since the early 1960’s, the artist, Stephen Willats (UK), has been leading a critical examination of environments shaped by contemporary life and has initiated the representation of a social agenda in art practice. Willats is one of the forerunners of conceptual art in Europe, embracing cybernetics, computer technology, semiotics and behavioural and social psychology in the furtherance of the element of interactivity which continues to be one of the key drivers in his work. This has inspired Willats to take his art practice directly into a range of environments that represent universally familiar contemporary cultural icons such as the housing estate or the urban shopping street.

How the Future Looks From Here, was made with a young couple living in Brooklyn, New York, and articulates their insights into the conflicts between the intentions of new technologies and media in society, and the actual affects of people’s personal relations. The work is located and referenced to the couple’s home and expresses their questions about the world outside.