25 April - 23 May 2009


(The) Unforgotten On stereotypes, role models, heroines, derangement, beauty,boredom,loneliness, detachment, memory, nostalgia, enactment, distance, pride and prejudice. For his solo show at Lumen Travo, Tiong Ang proposes a thought upon the life and death of collective memory, which is moved by different forces, such as categorization, reproduction, projection, distortion… The exhibition particularly underlines the influence of media on the making of knowledge, considering that media are given stereotyped / codified roles, such as painting as historical painting,

photography as ethnological photography, video as documentary filmmaking. The exhibition thus proposes a juxtaposition of media –painting, photography and video – in which visual and intellectualknowledge are transferred and exchanged. This assemblage allows the artist to engage in a thought in which the fixed roles of media in the field of documentalization is confronted with mutual porosity and the random crossover effects of time.

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Exhibition view: (The) Unforgotten