15th OCTOBER - 19th NOVEMBER 2011


SHARED AND DIVIDED is the first official collaborative project between Rini Hurkmans and Hans Scholten. Originally the work is made in the context of KAAP 2011 exhibition (Fort Ruigenhoek, Groenekan).

Rini Hurkman’s work focuses broadly on aspects of the human; she deals with notions of loss, safety, empathy and comfort. By working with elements taken from different cultures she expresses universal feelings.
Hans Scholten works with the idea of what the future image of worldwide urbanisation can be. The basis of his conceptual work is a large archive of photographs he has taken in many cities around the world.

Drawing on their own experience, Hurkmans and Scholten experience a city together – the basis for the exhibition SHARED AND DIVIDED.

Their film works were developed in Istanbul among other reasons because of it’s unique location between Asia and Europe. It is both a meeting point for continents and a location, which showcases cultural divides as well as commonalities. The three video works shown at Lumen Travo, explore themes like separation and connectedness. They portray a city with its own laws, literally divided into different parts, but also shared by its occupants and by them.