Michel François


z.t, 70 x 65 x 41 cm (1988)

Michel Instant grat.

Exhibition view (2009)

Highways, (ed.5) photography, 186 x 126cm (2004)

Video installation


BE, 1956

RECENT SHOW: Editions and Multiples 2007

Michel Francois has assembled a collection of objects and pictures dedicated to the bizarre and the most subtle surrealistic aspects of life. Here, the dimension of what is normal meets what is abnormal in total harmony, although it shows up some traces from the artist’s manipulation. Inversion, distortion, repetition, randomn assemblages, multiple directions definitely mark his artworks, to such an extend that Bernahrd Fibicher* notices “something chaotic in the work of Michel Francois” (see the catalog published for the artist’s solo show at the Haus der Kunst of Munich in 2001). Michel Francois describes his work as a rhizome, whose parts are connected in the sense that they all depict the same ‘dimension’ of the world one thinks he knows. Actually, chance and coincidences play the role of a big organiser, as described for example in the novels of the American writer Paul Auster or in the though of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Michel Francois is currently preparing his retrospective at the S.M.A.K of Ghent, Belgium.