Cláudia Cristóvão


Claudia Cristóvão, Untitled (woman), 2007Untitled (woman), 2007, digital print mounted on dibond, 114x76cm

One, 2005-6, digital print mounted on dibond, 80x100cm

One person (woman), 2005-6, digital print mounted on dibond, 80x100cm

Hallway (2004) DVD, 3 min ed.+lap

Fata Morgana, 2005-06, HD video 16:9, projection, 7min., looped

Skinflower, 2005-06, HD video 16:9, 3’45”, looped, sound

Cláudia Cristóvão

See show: A Catalogue of Possible Gestures, May 2009

Cláudia Cristóvão (b. 1973) studied film before graduating at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and the Central Saint Martins in London. She was awarded the Revelation Prize at the Dakar Biennial in 2006.

Cláudia Cristóvão’s artworks – such as Fata Morgana (2004), The File Project (2006) and The Chinese Garden(2007) – explore the narrative potential of places and how people’s behaviour and memory are conditioned by cultural stances and historical leftovers. Taking the role of an implicated observer, Cláudia Cristóvão’s works are all tied by the notion of how places are a continuous reconstruction of the mind and how strategies of (self) inclusion / exclusion are constantly at play. In her work, regions of the world, like Africa, Europe or China become indeed ‘big narratives’, staged scenes in which the notion of ‘society of spectacle’ takes its full meaning: life is a constant performance and History is available to be re-visited and re-written. Cláudia Cristóvão shows a world in which the value of images is constantly at stake; people are continuously actor and viewer of one another, and by extent, acknowledging one another passes through a process of imagination.