Tiong Ang


Shanghai Biennale 2008

School 1 2001 videostill

Stars and Stripes (2008) 120 x 170cm, acrylic on canvas

Supergirl (2008) 100 x 80 x 7cm, acrylic on canvas

The Flag (2008) 190 x 140 cm, acrylic on canvas

A Horse’s Ass 1 (2008) 170 x 120 x 4,5cm

Surabaya (Indonesia), 1961

Recent show: (The) Unforgotten, April 2009

For some years now Tiong Ang explores the forms and interactions of the intercultural dialogue, resulting in many collaborative and performative works in which he acts whether as an artist, a curator or an art critics. The artist introspects the construction of collective and individual identities in different contexts of cultural shiftings, whether in Europe or in China. Tiong Ang collects and states then as icons the actors of popular culture, like in his artwork called Supergirl. It presents the portrait of Li Yunchun, a Chinese pop singer who won the Supergirl contest elections on Internet in 2004, with no less than 4 millions web-electors.
A new publication has just been published from the group exhibition ‘Between the light and the dark. On the borders of Chineseness’, with the works of Tiong Ang, Ni Haifeng and Wang Jianwei (2008, ed. Canvas International, The Netherlands).