26 MARCH - 8 MAY 2010

Otobong Nkanga: “No Be Today Story O!”

Otobong Nkanga (b. 1974, Kano, Nigeria) presents a solo show at Lumen Travo Gallery entitled “No be today story o!” which is a way of saying in Pidgin English: “The story is not of recent times but it still has not been resolved”. Nkanga will present the series “Filtered Memories” (2009), “Social Consequences” (2009 – 10) and “Dolphin Estate” (2008): drawings, photography and installation.

For this show, she displays a multi-layered translation of personal experience and memory into a narrative that brings together disparate conceptions of home—ecology, domesticity and embodiment—and the forms of labor, injury and displacement to which they are subjected. She is fascinated by the everyday influences on our environment and its constantly changing nature. In her work, she often reflects on the mechanisms and underlying structures of how our everyday lives function, as well as the act of labour required for everyday production. Nkanga’s use of multiple media reflects her interest in the process itself, as it relates to artistic production and to imperialism’s impact on nature, community and the body.


Social Consequences I: Limits of Mapping (2009), 29 x 42 cm, drawing/ round stickers and acrylic on paper.