Ani Eloyan



I used to love flowers, now I hate the, 2017

Anecdote, 2013

You are pretty good looking for a girl, 2017


Image or the creation of the image is something that interests Ani as a phenomenon. She can never create the 'image' as we know it, but, instead, an explanation of the meaning of the ' image'. The cartoon language confronts and questions the issues of humour, class, aesthetics and social acceptability, this capacity of the cartoon language gives us permission to laugh about things we should not be laughing about. Her works extend the notion of how humour can tell us something about our understanding of that nature but as well the limit of our understanding. The cartoon language caresses the knowledge of how one can be so accurate and factless at the same time, the image as an artifact, as something made, on the other hand, the image of the world as 'drama', in which all the things are "acted" just like the cartoon language operates. As a myth of the basic image we have of ourselves; the soul, ego and mind. The artist tests what this manipulation means and how she can push this perception even further.