Matea Bakula


Dividing the sky, 2014

Wrestles with my spirit animals #1, 2018

Wrestles with my spirit animals #1, 2018 (detail)

In the house of the sun, 2018

Exhibition view “Between Grace and Fury” 2018

Wrestles with my spirit animals #2, 2018

The Martyr, 2019

In the land of milk and honey, 2018

The escape of the soft sounds, 2018 (detail)

The escape of the soft sounds, 2018

Matea Bakula

Matea Bakula (Sarajevo, 1990) graduated from HKU Utrecht in 2013 and currently lives in Utrecht.
In her creating process Bakula is looking beyond the aesthetics of the material she is using. She almost works like a chemist or a physicist that is trying to find the answers of the material’s secrets. She does not only want to know the qualities or limitations of the materials that she is using; she also wants to find out the reasons behind them, like why certain material easily stretches or why another material spreads out in an oval or roundish way and is showing her version of the answers through her sculptures. Bakula’s fascination and respect for chemicals like polyurethane foam and methylethylketon is clearly visible and it seems that the works are the result of a collaboration in which Bakula took the role of a choreographer who by putting it to an extreme is able to find the profound character of the materials.

Recent shows include: Art Cologne (2018); Prospects and concepts, Art Rotterdam (2018); "The chemistry between dr. Frank and me", Lumen Travo gallery (2017); Work Title Festival, Les Brigittines, Brussels (2016); “Let us meet and let us meet again”, Casco, Utrecht (2016); “Work Title Situation #3”, Work Space Brussels, Brussels; “I wish I never kissed that frog”, Jeanine Ho and, Amsterdam (both in 2015); Matea Bakula, GAVU, Cheb, (Solo), Started, Czech Centres, Prague (both in 2014); Start Point Prize, Arti et Amicitiae , Amsterdam which travelled to KASK, Ghent and Dox, Prague (2013-2014); Formal Attire, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (2013), Best Of Graduates Exhibitions, Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (2013), among others.