Bridging Realities (Sleeper Continued #3)

As a deviation from the concept of ‘solo exhibition’, Tiong Ang has invited young international artists (former students at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art- MaHKU) – and who were performers in his previous work – to show a singular piece and a video from their own practice in the gallery, and by doing so, present themselves physically to the audience, in a series of collective happenings and performances.

The young artists presented here are at the beginning of their careers. Mostly dislocated from their home countries, their diverse practices reflect upon an imagined ‘other’ zone of agency, in which they are able to reach a balanced platform to explore ‘a free life’ and ‘an autonomous art practice’ in productive and dialectic entanglement. The artpieces defy the expected object-oriented nature of artworks being displayed in a gallery setting.

In recent years, Tiong Ang has been working on large and long-term installation projects in institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. Collaboration, shared authorship, transference and performativity are the key elements in these works. He orchestrates clusters of people as a social intermediary, guiding subjective perspectives within shared conditions, with a focus on socio-cultural patterns. ‘Sleeper’ (continuing project, as of 2017, originally conceived for BAK Utrecht) is a collective and durational performance executed by young artists and himself that with each rendering finds its own rhythmic and spatial continuance.

Adressing the gap between presence and representation,Tiong Ang is interested in micro-sociological undercurrents of anxiety, resentment, or resistance. His genuine subject has always been human presence, in all its forms and relationships. This exhibition-performance-programme aims to connect and combine situations of solitude, retreat, encounter, or close gathering in ambivalently composed ways, and in which diversity and multiplicity form natural layers of meaning.

OPENING on the 10th of March, 17-19 hrs

EXHIBITION continues 10th of March – 7th of April 2018