27th January - 3rd March 2018


“SO HELP ME GOD” is a group exhibition curated by Dianne Hagen and Marianne van Tilborg and featuring artworks by Atousa Bandeh, Sanjeev Sinha and Dianne Hagen.

The title of the show comes from a detail in Dianne’s work “The truth, nothing but, so help me god” and deals with one of the main concepts behind this project: the truth.
As if there is such a thing as a single truth!

Truth is made up from memories and being colored. These colored interpretations makes truth shapeable.
The same goes for these art works. As Dianne Hagen says: “Object and image mate in your mind. Art works are not direct objects but open to multiple meanings and interpretations. The viewer has an active roll in this process.”
The works presented in this exhibition have a testimonial presence or attitude, they carry collections of interpretations. Dianne refers to these type of art works as being generous; they encourage you to join, it is not the commentary type of art. They give instead of dominating us with a lecture, it’s a conversation.

Opening on January the 27th, 5-7pm
Exhibition running till March the 3rd 2018


Dianne Hagen, “The truth, nothing but, so help me god” (detail), 2016