29th April - 27th May 2017

AMSTERDAM TRAIL, Atousa Bandeh and Monali Meher

Works by Atousa Bandeh and Monali Meher, with tribal art from Tibet, India and China.

The Amsterdam Trail is a unique walking route through Amsterdam’s Spiegel Quarter, Amstelveld and the Jordaan taking place from 5th – 7th of May 2017. The trail concept brings together galleries that are specialised in traditional tribal arts and galleries which show contemporary artists to exhibit their works along side each other. This year contemporary art galleries will participate in the Trail and will combine tribal art within their exhibition. Lumen Travo shows the work of Atousa Bandeh and Monali Meher in combination with ancient tribal pieces from Tibet, India and China, made possible thanks to Astamangala. Also many thanks to Finette Lemair from Trail Amsterdam.

Special opening hours during The Amsterdam Trail
Friday 5th May 2017
Saturday 6th May 2017
Sun 7th May 2017
We are open from 12:00 -18:00


(left) Monali Meher, Brain Tree Purple, 55 x 42 cm (right) Astamangala, 17th century Tibetan ritual drum, 67 cm diameter