Marielle Videler




In her work, as in her daily life, Mariëlle Videler explores a pre-modern conceptual model in which man coexists with animals and nature. In her installations, objects, drawings, videos and performances, Videler is in search of a different way of life, and of a new aesthetic to contest dominant modalities of our culture. Her creative process is based on the cultures of indigenous people. The means of existence of these people are connected to the soil; moreover, their entire spiritual, cultural and social identities are intimately entwined with the land.

In order to explore this unknown world, Videler travels both physically and in the mind, identifying herself with a traveller. This approach informed projetcs such as “Onca Pintada” (2012) or “Blinded Resident” (2014). The first project entailed a tentative acquaintance with indigenous people of Brazil; the second was a physical trip to Morocco without, however, actually seeing the country. Videler’s oeuvre-in-construction interweaves manual labour, rituals and love for nature.