25th March - 22nd April 2017

Mighty Process; Katrin Korfmann & Jens Pfeifer, Berend Strik, Milena Naef and Ni Haifeng

Is there a difference between the materialization of a conceptual art piece, the casting process of a bronze sculpture, the creation of wooden chairs, the precise hammering of gold leaves on a Buddha statue, the finishing of a decorative vase? Eventually the objects will enter different worlds and will be confronted with different audiences and their expectations. But in the process of making, materials don’t adhere to prestige or hierarchy. Nor is such a hierarchy of any interest to the ones who devote their skills and expertise to the execution of the works. If the materials and the processes have so much in common, where are the differences hiding?

We are delighted to present the work of Katrin Korfmann and Jens Pfeifer, Back Stages, a series of images which depict realities, neither the eye nor the artists’ camera, could have grasped, by simultaneously zooming in and zooming out on the floors of various workshops and factories, Korfmann and Pfeifer have meticulously constructed new realities that represent the mysterious worlds of cultural production. Korfmann and Pfeifer invited Berend Strik, Milena Naef and Ni Haifeng to present their works alongside their own images. In each artist’s particular manner they shed light on the artistic making process and the meaningfulness of materials.


Milena Naef, Fleeting Plates, Plate 160209, Cristallina Marble, 106 x 96 cm, 2016