3rd September - 8th October 2016

Ibrahim Quraishi, Lost Codes

Lumen Travo Gallery is delighted to present a new series of works by Ibrahim Quraishi, exploring notions of migration and resistance. For this project Lost Codes Quraishi invited different people who went through migratory processes. With them he explores their inner migration and their sense of belonging. In a live performance, they literally move their lost objects, the lost codes and the lost gestures in space. Lost Codes thus becomes a choreo-graphy of physical memories and absent objects connecting mem-ories, spaces, journey’s and bridging the distance between the known and the unknown.

Also on show at the gallery are a series of four M-Portraits, a series of paintings on the topic of the classical Arab Patriarch and Quraishi’s recent studies based on his visit to the Kurdish region of Iraq and Rojava in North Syria. His studies are a homage to The Kurdish Woman’s Resistance Movement and the female and male soldiers fighting Daesh (Islamic State) and the Syrian dictatorship.