12 March - 16 April 2016

Franck Bragigand, Art Language

Lumen Travo Gallery is delighted to present Art Language, a solo show by Franck Bragigand, which will simultaneously be presented at the Lloyd Hotel. This new work is his most recent statement about Art and Painting.

His process has been entirely secret and he emphasizes his personal immersion in research and long study in order to achieve what he believes is a new manner of Painting and representing the world. The new system he highlights is based only on painted circles connecting colours, words and information. This enables him to paint any time, any civilization, any history and any notion. He wants to show progress and evolution of concepts though paintings. He calls it Paradigm Painting using Realms and not Reality anymore, as was seen in his earlier work.

The result is an astonishing series of coloured and written circles, which create language in itself. Bragigand describes Art Language as a virtual de-construction of the power of knowledge. These images are showing the qualities of a true painter and colourist and tell us something about the world and it’s history. Bragigand’s language of expression is truly original.

See full pdf for more information