3 JUNE - 11 JULY 2015

Stephen Willats, Step Change

**Lumen Travo is currently on a summer break, and will re-open on the 12th September 2015**

Continuing their 21 year association, Lumen Travo presents Step Change, a new exhibition by London-based artist, Stephen Willats.

Willats has always presented us with different ways of looking at the society between people, reflecting how we live today, and with this latest group of works it is about the changes in our relationships, the ‘step change’, the way things can suddenly move from one state to another, from friend to enemy or lover to betrayer for example.

The new works use the graphic format that Willats has evolved over the last twenty years, and are all set in the context of the city, of city life, so although the images are from London, the situations are the same in every city and the fresh way of looking at the story or human relationships is universal.


Between 27th May – 31st May, Lumen Travo will present a group show including Atousa Bandeh, Meschac Gaba, Otobong Nkanga, Marielle Videler, Peter Zegveld

Amsterdam Art Fair, booth 33, check website for opening hours: http://www.amsterdamartfair.nl/