18 APRIL - 23 MAY 2015

Mariëlle Videler: Jump to the beat of the animal feet

In her work, as in her daily life, Mariëlle Videler explores a pre-modern conceptual model in which man coexists with animals and nature. In her installations, objects, drawings, videos and performances, Videler is in search both of a different way of life, and of a new aesthetic contesting of the dominant modalities of our culture. In her new installation Jump to the beat of the animal feet, Mariëlle Videler is looking for a reassessment of our relationship to animals. Her starting point was images of hunting and prehistoric drawings of animals which she visually translates into a modern day cosmology of plants and animals. European animals, mostly from the urban environment, such as rats, ants, parakeets and a domestic cat, become part of her tale. The idea for this installation was created during the study of prehistoric rock paintings in the Serra da Caprivara National Park in Brazil.

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