Atousa Bandeh


Carpet Immitation,40x30cmCarpet Immitation

Cypresses of Shiraz 240x230cmCypresses of Shiraz

Dragon-detailDragon (detail)

Men&Parrot 240x210cmMen Parrot

Pool 380x240cmPool

Those Days 150x250cmThose Days

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi works are mainly two dimesional. She works with video/ film, drawings and painting. Her films find themselves on the border of fiction and documentary and examine different options of story telling (visually and verbally). Her most recent long film "The Day I disappeared", 62 min 2011, is a personal story of a crisis of identity as a result of immigration. The film was shown at many International film festivals and won the Netpac award at Rotterdam International film festival. Her drawings, videos and film works are stories delved in the ephemeral layers of her memories. She throws her images almost literally onto the paper -images of objects and portraits that conceal a profusion of symbolic associations. Personal memories tend to pop up not in a clear-cut way, but blurred, vague and deformed. Rather than representing a plain narrative, Her works represent visual poetry. Life, her life is caught in lyrical lines. Expressed in feathery layers of papers and moving images.