31 January - 7 March 2015

Stills; Bandeh, Burkhart & Meher

“Stills” is a group show, featuring works by acclaimed artists; Atousa Bandeh, Kathe Burkhart and Monali Meher. This show draws together three conceptual artists specifically to reflect on their works related to the medium of film. Each artist has a unique manner of interpreting film on different levels in their work. Bandeh uses a storyboard like poetic energy in drawings to tell multiple stories in one work. Meher delves into an investigative photographic approach by visiting an abandoned film studio in Mumbai and capturing its presence of then and now. Burkhart is ever fascinated by the interplay between characters in films, namely Elizabeth Taylor, how characters are constructed, how we perceive ourselves through them via the medium of film.

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Cypresses of Shiraz 240x230cm

Monali Meher, Hamilton, 1 e.d. 1/3 (above) Atousa Bandeh, Cypresses of Shiraz