27th NOVEMBER - 24th JANUARY 2015

Meeting Point II

Meeting Point I was shown at Lumen Travo in 1998, with artists; Dennis Adams, Tiong Ang, Ricardo Brey, Meschac Gaba and Shirin Neshat. This November Lumen Travo brings together a new set of artists; Franck Bragigand (FR), Meschac Gaba (BEN),
Ni Haifeng
(CHN) and Otobong Nkanga (NGA) to share their strong artistic views, personal and international. In keeping with the Meeting Point concept, the gallery space will provide a platform for shared artistic perspectives not only from the West but with eyes, heart and mind open to the whole globe.

Special opening times for
Amsterdam Art Weekend

28th & 29th November
12:00 – 20:00

30th November
12:00 – 18.00

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