6th September - 11th October 2014

HANS SCHOLTEN: Increasingly Fragmented

In 2002, Hans Scholten started a project called Urban Future, his goal being to reflect on global urbanization through the medium of photography and sculpture in current times as well as in years to come.

The project is conceived as a sculptural construct in which he deals with concepts such as space, orientation, networks, fragmentation and spatial presentation models. His starting point is a large archive of photographs and films he took all over the world since the beginning of the Urban Future project. He researches various interpretations and combinations of the archive and related details within it that can provide new valuable knowledge and that can influence conceptualizations about global urbanization. Within this debate, he reflects on ideas of ‘progress”, values of failure and the entropic character of urban developments.

In this show he uses new collage techniques of the in combination with sculpture elements. He focuses with this on processes of fragmentation as part of the experience and the development of the global urban environment.

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