4th JUNE - 12th JULY 2014


In 1988, Guillaume Bijl transformed the former gallery space of Lumen Travo into a “Privé Solarium-Kamer”, complete with solarium and home trainer, as if it was a room belonging to a well-to-do young woman. We are delighted to welcome back the renowned Belgian installation artist for his most recent show at Lumen Travo called “Compositions”.

Bijl has been compared to artists such as Jeff Koons and Haim Steinbach because of his use and re-appropriation of ready made objects and spaces. Bijl divides his work into various categories within his on-going research: ‘transformation installations’, ‘situation installations’, ‘compositions trouvées’ and ‘sorry’s’. Compositions can be categorised under ‘compositions trouvées’. As Bijl describes, these works are,“a consciously compiled and recognizable composition – a previously existing, found one, so to speak. Chunks of reality that vary from trivial consumption and interior fragments to pseudo-public manifestation décors. The Compositions are a logical consequence of the way in which I manipulate themes and materials in my larger installations.

These Compositions, however, are devoid of all situational pretentions. I myself would describe the relationship in my oeuvre between the compositions and installations as follows: If I were to interpret my larger installations as ‘large tableaux’, my compositions would relate to them as sketches or small drawings. In general, I wish to regard tem as present-day, archeological still lifes.”

Inauguration of permanent sculptures by Guillaume Bijl at Amsterdam Rai

06.06.14, 15.30 – 18.30
Europaplein in front of Amsterdam Rai
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