Atousa Bandeh: Dynamism of the Dream

For her first show at Lumen Travo, artist and filmmaker, Atousa Bandeh presents a series of drawings and paintings under the title: Dynamism of the Dream. Atousa came of age during the Iranian revolution, she saw the hopes and catastrophic betrayal of a cause. She left Iran at the age of 19 and now lives and works in Amsterdam, often returning to her native Shiraz. In her visual works she subverts what would otherwise be mere decorative elements surrounding her characters and uses the repetition of unsettling symbols that in their repetition and structure sometimes play with the patterns in Islamic art history. Her paintings can move between the remembered innocence of girlhood’s coming of age, to a forensic map of living ruins. Her native Shiraz is located near ruins that are beloved to Persians. These and a more personal map of ruins are settings for the play with dreams, imagos and phantoms.

Bandeh lets her soul crawl into every aspect her work and into the corners of rooms she has painted. She enjoys an artistic freedom that flows over into a realm of considerable output. This unleashed freedom is witnessed also in a material sense, with collaged ricepaper, colouring, hatching and supplies that contribute to an inviting dynamism of the dream.

Adapted text by Tineke Reijnders