2 June - 14 July 2007

ICONS: Kathe Burkhart, DamienDeroubaix, Monali Meher, Jens Pfeifer

What are the new icons? They are these figures of authority, which spread their influence over a society trapped between its flatness and restlessness. Issuing from the politic, economic and celebrity spheres, as well as the historical one, the new icons are these instrumentalized images, whose impact creates new pattern and references in society. Wether they are images from stars or politicians, wether they are broadcasted cathartic pictures from wars and dramas, these icons define the directions of related reality. Evolving within the public sphere, they are manifestations of attraction and power, but they are also revealing the society for what it contains of weakness and perversion : denial, aggressiveness and fear.

The exhibition Icons explores this contemporary Human comedy, by bringing together four artists whose works on paper depict it without any concession nor kindness.