12.10.13 - 23.11.13

Some stars are never seen in some locations – Margret Wibmer

** SPECIAL GUIDED TOUR: November 23rd, 16:00 – 18:00 by Margret Wibmer

“At the dawn of the so-called “Cyber Age,” some theorists envisioned an imminent dematerialization of the body, which was expected to dissolve in the digital currents of virtuality. Margret Wibmer’s photos, which seem to have fallen out of time, assert the body as the medium of a bold assurance.”

Magdalena Kröner, art journalist

For her solo at Lumen Travo Gallery
, Margret Wibmer will show photographic works, digital collages, objects and video. Her works were produced in Korea, Japan, the US and Africa, many are shown for the first time in the Netherlands.
 A central theme in her work is the relationship between human and technology and how industrialization and globalization change our perception of the world.
 In many of her works Wibmer suggests a possible relation between a young woman and an object or a specific surrounding, with no visible action or purpose.
 Her recent work addresses the viewer directly and aims to stimulate a conversation concerning ownership, politics in the art market and the artists’ relationship with the public.

Lumen Travo Gallery will organize an artists talk during the course of the show. More information will be announced.

IMAGE: Margret Wibmer. “the girl and her object”, 2005/2013. Hahnemühle Fine Art Print, 32 x 50 cm, Ed. 5 + 1 AP

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