12 September- 7 October 2007

Michel Francois: Editions and Multiples

There is something chaotic in the work of Michel Francois” noticed rightly Bernahrd Fibicher* in the catalog of the artist’s solo show at the Haus der Kunst of Munich in 2001. Lumen Travo Gallery reveals the artist’s roots with a new exhibition, which gathers like in a scientific cabinet, a sample of Michel Francois’ series of editions and objects from 1979 to 2007. Titled “Editions and Multiples” it unveils Michel Francois’ secret way of practicing art as a collector of human manifold reality, using a wide range of artistic expressions, including sculpture, photography, installation and video. Through the “Multiple” – as the multiple of possibilities, ways of seeing, invertions, additions and casualties –, the artist exposes life as something strangely dynamic and invisible, queer and subconscious.

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