7th SEPTEMBER - 5th OCTOBER 2013


For her solo show at Lumen Travo, Kathe Burkhart shows interdisciplinary work including site-specific installation, paintings, drawings, photographs.

Kathe Burkhart’s work explores the complexities of gender nonconformity and its connection to visual culture. At Lumen Travo she presents work from her well-known Liz Taylor Series. A highly performative series, which includes over 200 paintings and drawings of Elizabeth Taylor, blurs portraiture and self portraiture, public and private, text and image, and fiction and non-fiction.

Burkhart also shows work from her “Nudes” series. A series of photographs taken at clothing optional beaches. The photographs document the practice of extreme liberty in extreme nature, and are often taken in biospheres threatened by extinction and climate change. She investigates areas where public and private cross over in the same space.