25th MAY - 15th JULY 2013

Yvonne Dröge Wendel: Furniture for a Think Tank

Things have been a source of inspiration for scientists, designers and artists for centuries. Where others try to find answers, Dröge Wendel is engaged in making her questions tangible as well as personal, and her intention is to allow for open-ended results. She sets up experimental encounters and questions what it is that objects can actually do.

In her solo show at Lumen Travo gallery Yvonne Dröge Wendel presents an object with humans inside and a soft floor to walk on. Furthermore there are seventeen cardboard objects that teeter on the edge of being nothing. These objects have just enough qualities to be seen as something. They are neutral, ambiguous, or in her words: challenging constellations of restrictions.

These forms are strewn about, ready to be picked up, in what seems to be a purposeful space. Within the same space there are other objects that do not want to be misunderstood and their intentions are obvious: a table, some chairs, plates, glasses, olive oil inside a bottle, oil inside a canister and oil inside of a human body.