12 October - 7 November 2009

MARGRET WIBMER: ‘NATTO’,new artworks

Body is a tool
Morphologize the machine
‘I give some human elements to the machine’
‘ It is like cyborg’
I make a statement on that technology, but with a 50’s nostalgy’ machines from the 50’s 60’s
The shadow you see in my photographs are like the one in old films.
About Off the wall ‘I was canned in this robot’
Fascination for clothing, dance, music
It is not about fashion
Try to imagine the new girl of the new millenium
The model she photographs is qurter Caucasian, quarter chinese, quarter african
Her focus on the feminine body is due to the fact that woman is always representing human sensibility, sensuality in a world where most of the machines are imagined and controlled by men. There is no feminist statement, but just a natural attirance for what is always representing seduction and sensuality throughout fashion design and media.
Camera is controlling people