2 April - 26 April 2008

THIERRY RENARD: The Apprentice book (2007- 2008)

For his new solo exhibition at Lumen Travo gallery, Thierry Renard proposes for the first time a serie of 28 photographs based on collages, called ‘The Apprentice book’. Here he leaves behind him his interest in High art imagery to introspect a manual book written by a French land surveyor, Charles Fontaine, in 1785, just before the French Revolution. The artist details new roots and mental connexions between the pages that he picked up by chance and arranged into a new irrational way. The usual reading of the book is definitely disturbed, like a territory without marks nor name. It becomes a mental geography, which drives the viewer to get a new personal understanding of it. Some could see a game of domino, others could read a recipe of alchemy. Beauty emerges from mystery and the play between the viewer and the artwork. Beyond the game, Thierry Renard reveals a new vision of beauty, which is not anymore considered as a definitive state, nor a model, but a private interactive experience with the world around. Quoting the words of Fernando Pessoa, the artist explains ‘beauty is the name we give to objects in exchange of the pleasure they give to us’.