14th January – 18th February 2012

M Portraits: Ibrahim Quraishi

M portraits explores a fictive world full of personal narratives that underline the Arab Spring. Examining more than 40 works of sculpture, painting, film, photo’s and eatable goods it plays with the lines between parody and notions of realness that are deliberately blurred to reveal hidden paradoxes. Moreover, the fictive realities that are presented play with internal political mechanisms and create power ruptures. With this exhibition Ibrahim Quraishi creates schisms on how to be political and at the same time playful as an artist.

Lumen Travo invites you to experience this world of political and cultural fictivities and taste the realness of the different narratives.

Independent curator Robert Kluijver and London based art advisor Rola Nassár will be the opening speakers on “M. Portraits”.

More work by Ibrahim click here

With thanks to: de taart van m’n tante