Kristiina Koskentola


1. Gold Coins to the Headsmen 2014, Single channel HD video with soundGold Coins to the Headsmen 2014, HD video

2. Blackballing, 2013 installationBlackballing, 2013 installation

3. One Hundred Ten Thousand 2011-2012 installationOne Hundred Ten Thousand 2011-2012 installation

4. One Hundred Ten Thousand 2011-2012 installation detailOne Hundred Ten Thousand, installation detail

5. Urbanization Gargoyles 2010 installationUrbanization Gargoyles 2010 installation

Equilibrium 2010 photograph 50×75 cm

Kristiina Koskentola

Kristiina Koskentola divides her time between Amsterdam, London and Beijing. She works with a range of materials and media such as video and photography and site-specific multi-sensory and mixed media installations. She is currently working on her Practice Based PhD Project at the Chelsea College of arts/ CCW Graduate School of the University of the Arts London.

Connecting everyday scenarios, memories and misunderstandings she analyzes identity, subjectivity and the dynamics of temporality and location within socio/cultural (power) structures, the production of visibility/invisibility and their interrelations. These conditions are physical or metaphorical, biological, personal or communal, social or spiritual and are looking for ways to transcend the material world of the body into other realms. Her often site-specific work traverses geographies as well as time: Objects and ideas are interconnecting these scenarios over large geographical distances and/or periods of time, producing possible new versions of the present and the future. Her installations are not static but always in relation to an extrinsic contexts that is constantly shifting, resulting in open-ended movement of meaning, translation and materiality. They challenge binaries in order to produce new avenues of inquiry and frames of reference.

Her recent exhibition include in the Zendai Moma in Shanghai, Huang Yan Contemporary Art Space in Beijing, Museum De Lakenhal/Scheltema, Leiden, Three Shadows Photography Center in Beijing, Xafa Museum in Xian, Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Art Beijing 2010 and 4th Baku Biennial of Conceptual Art, in Azerbaijan.