4th MARCH - 19th APRIL 2011


Lumen Travo gallery presents a solo show of photographic works by Margret Wibmer. Wibmer exhibits a collection of prints made between 2006 and 2011, exploring her continued fascination with female form and object. This show marks the release of her new book called Ambiguity: Bodies, Objects and Spaces, published in 2010 by Kerber Art. Wibmer’s ongoing research on the female, staged in relation to architectural and technological form, explores the role of the body as a virtual, yet aesthetic form.

Wibmer’s book “Ambiguity: Bodies, Objects and Spaces” (2010) is available at the gallery for 25.00 Euro’s.

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southeast, 2011. 165 x 90 cm, Ed. 5+1 AP