16 May - 10 July 2010


“Holy Canoli”, an expression originally used by Batman and Robin to express excitement or shock.

The works on show at Lumen Travo are an electic mix by Dianne Hagen including works made collaboratively with Sanjeev Sinha. The sculptures, paintings, photo collages and The Calendar consistently rethink what is acceptable in art, regarding aesthetic sensibilities and expectations.

Dianne Hagen and Sanjeev Sinha collaborate in Dehli, India. Their paintings are developed and created collaboratively from lengthly discussions about their personal mental consciousness, in relation to their own culture. Together they push the accepted boundaries of contemporary painting across cultural discourses. Their paintings explore many of the clichés associated with the exotic Western perception of India and vice versa. They use icons and concepts from both cultures in order to explore how an artist can create without only commenting on society in a transparent politically correct way.

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