Franck Bragigand


Peinture a vendre, partager, offrir” Strasborg (2008)

Private Pinacotheque, Lumen Travo (2009)

“Between natural necessities and spiritual needs” (2008)

Private Pinacotheque, Lumen Travo (2009)

Commission from Osaka City (2004)

“Free tickets” Musee d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasborg (2000)


NEW PROJECT: The Living Museum

Recent show: Private Pinacotheque, 2009

For more than ten years, Franck Bragigand is developing a body of works constisting in ‘painting subjects’, which results in a collection of works gathered under the title : Restoration of the daily life. The subjects chosen by the artist vary from artistic items, edition, found objects, book/library, people’s private belongings, buildings, roads, monuments, urban settings... with the underlying theme that the formal idea of restoration is extended to a critical exploration of human production. Paint has thus become a means in which to underline the dialogue between the subjects and their specific context.