Franck Bragigand


“Quran & European Administrative structure”, 2018

“Wikipedia’s Social Sciences”, 2018

“United-Nations Administrative structure”, 2018

“Braille, Colors and Maritime Alphabets”, 2018

“1920” & “Dewey Decimal Classification”, 2018

Two Constellations Sculptures, “When art meats science”, Stedelijk Museum, Breda, 2018


NEW PROJECT: The Living Museum

Recent show: Works on Paper and Some Objects, 2018

Close to Beauty
"When you maximize a word, which you define as a very point of existence and then give it up, you are close to beauty. When you stay in bed until the artist in you wakes up, you are close to beauty. When you remember a space whose color is opposite its grandeur but on the same plane, you are close to beauty. When you see Coca Pelli dancing in sunlight you are close to nature. Cursing your bad luck for getting stopped at a red light is live like. Realising color is full of light and in light, you are getting close to beauty. No matter from where it comes, accident or discipline, restraint is welcome in beauty. Millions of no’s and one yes is getting close to beauty. Now we have two-bucket cherry pickers so you don’t have to wish your assistant was there anymore. Making 10.000 metal nails for a planetarium in Franeker is close to beauty. Hanging the weights that fuel planetarium in your bedroom is close to us. The wish is close to beauty. Happiness coming from your creativity is beauty. Useful things lead to destruction, art does not. To be useful is to be close to art. Art enriches what you give it. Positive energy in the mind is getting close to beauty. The mad ravening of artists cannot be replaced by logic because logic is art. Slopping plaster for having fun is close to beauty. That 1888 was the year of both Nietzsche’s and Van Gogh’s greatest work is getting close to... us. Knowing ego, knowing its pain, is getting close to beauty. Everyone is loved or hated because of belonging to some sub-group or other. Is this for fair it would be beauty? I am shy because I can’t control myself or because I am getting close to beauty. Protect the strong from the weak, a present for generosity. The strong get close to beauty. The strong weak in us the weak strong in them. They’re brothers science foretells to be beauty. Is beauty is science close to Franck’s work. A softer approach is close to beauty."
For more than twenty years, Franck Bragigand has been developing a body of work constisting in ‘painting subjects’, which results in a collection of works gathered under the title : Restoration of the daily life. The subjects chosen by the artist vary from artistic items, edition, found objects, book/library, people’s private belongings, buildings, roads, monuments, urban settings... with the underlying theme that the formal idea of restoration is extended to a critical exploration of human production. Paint has thus become a means in which to underline the dialogue between the subjects and their specific context.