Ibrahim Quraishi


taiye_selasi_gross-1 Lost Codes, Taiye Selasi

 martyrs-and-idols-action-2016 Martyrs and Idols Action (2016)

DREAMING Arizona, installation






dreaming-arizona-picDREAMING Arizona (2008)

Islamic Violins (2009)

Islamic Violins (2009)



















1973, Nairobi, Kenya
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Ibrahim Quraishi is one of the leading artists who belongs to a new generation of makers challenging our understanding of visual performativity and its relationship to the broader cultural perspective. As one of the recipients of the first Prix Jardin d’Europe Prize in 2008 for his Installation Islamic Violins at Kunsthalle, Wien, Quraishi consciously examines the dynamics of dispossession and cohabitation within the highly rigid socio-political spheres of imagined communities inside the contours of the visual arts context, while freely playing with the tensions between the complexity of the real and our longing for simplicity. Defined by a nomadic existence, but currently based in Amsterdam, Quraishi divides his time in multiple cities while escaping the conventional rules of engagement in researching, teaching and creating works for spaces and institutions like X Baltic Triennial (Vilnius) curated by Ann de Meester (de Apple Gallery Amsterdam), Baku Biennale, Art Rotterdam, Bastakiya Art Fair (Dubai), National Museum of Singapore, Japan Foundation Tokyo, Asia Society (New York), Centrum Beeldende Kunst (Dordrecht), Holland Festival (Amsterdam), HAU: hebbel-am-ufer (Berlin) among others.