Zarina Bhimji

Zarina Bhimji cv 2010 

My heart was beating wildly (2005- 2006)

DA-DA(2005- 2006)

Reverberation (2005- 2006)

This unhinged her (2005- 2006)

Your sadness is drunk (2005- 2006)

Zarina Bhimji cv 2010

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See show: Love (1998- 2006)

“To listen with my eyes” Zarina Bhimji describes the way she is exploring the world. Like Michel Leiris, she considers her work as a “poetical adventure”, to taste the boundaries of significations through the medium of sensitivity. Revealing the pictural dialogue between shapes and lights, depicting the texture of warm and humidity or making sounds and scents being present through the pictures, Zarina Bhimji develops her work as a unique quest for perception. Poetical and gripping, her photographs make reality to rise up in its beautiful strangeness and absolute mystery. They introduce the viewer into a floating world of perceptions, where objects and places, materials and atmospheric elements reveal their inner correspondances. Through her work, the viewer breaks through a new way of seeing and understanding these places that have kept a living unspoken memory. Known for having participated to the english Black Art movement of the nineties, Zarina Bhimji (born in Uganda in 1963, lives in London) has become to be known on the international artistic scene, exhibiting at the Venice and Johannesburg biennials in 2003. In 2002, her internationally aclaimed film Out of blue was commissioned by the Documenta XI.