Hans Scholten


Untitled nr. 3 (2014), 26,5 x 35 cm. Inkjetprint, 2 glasplaten, latexverf, stalen haken

Urban Future #7 (2016), 6 x 3,30 x 2,50 meter. Inkjetprints, staal, glasplaten en hout

Urban Monument (2014), 285 x ± 2meter. Inkjetprints tussen repen glas

Urban Future #7 (2016), 6 x 3,30 x 2,50 meter. Inkjetprints, staal, glasplaten en hout

Urban Future Syria/Lebanon (2003-2007), 78 inkjetprints in geschilderde lijsten



In various pieces with the collective title of Urban Future, Hans Scholten charts the developments of large urban areas, especially in non-Western countries. Under the influence of global economic developments, these areas, in contrast to European and North American cities, are undergoing enormous, often uncontrolled growth. The artist focuses on the different forms of cities, notably Shanghai, Beijing Beirut, Teheran, Sao Paulo, Damascus, Mumbai and the surrounding areas, where a pre-urbanisation stage is still clearly visible, but a future image is simultaneously developing.

Hans Scholten began the project Urban Future in 2002. In the project he aims to provide an image of global urbanisation in years to come, primarily through the medium of photography. The project is conceived as a sculptural construct, in which concepts including space, orientation, networks and spatial presentation models are discussed. He actively engages in the debate on urban changes that affect the world, and particularly on how this world, and ultimately our own living environment, might look in the future. The project focuses on new meanings that arise from the artists’ position of sanctuary and non-alignment, which can influence debate and provide new insights. He examines how to create and combine images that offer a new perspective on the future of global urbanization and the processes that underlie it. His starting point is the large archive of photographs he took since beginning the Urban Future project.