Jens Pfeifer

Jens Pfeifer CV 2010 

Right Here (2005) Exhibition view

Slow shadow 7 (2009)

Killerbunny (2002) afm. 250 x 105 x 150cm

Killerbunny (2002) afm. 250 x 105 x 150cm

Giant Rabbit skull on pole (2008)

Toter Hase Nur (2009) laser cut steel plate,
33 x 54 cm

Artist's website

SHOW 2008: "The night I shot my dog"

Jens Pfeifer is a visual artist, making sculptures, drawings and site-specific work. He studied in London and Amsterdam, where he still lives. Pfeifer received grants from the Fonds bkvb, Amsterdam, the Foundation Stokroos, Utrecht and the Pollock-Krasner-Foundation, New York. His work is represented in numerous collections. As an adviser and teacher he was connected to various academies, amongst which: the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Hochschule fuer Kunst und Design Halle and the AKI Enschede. Being brought up in a forest, animals and the forest itself form a familiar and ever returning image in Pfeifer’s work. Collecting pictures from nature, like anthropologists do, his art contrasts yet with this scientific approach to elaborate a direct, timeless and unstructured dialogue with the viewer. The artist returns to the origins of language, myth, by playing on human instinctive emotions. His ink drawings, sculptures and cut-outs reject therefore what is connected to civilization to explore the ‘un-cultural’, what escapes from and is not domesticated by human.