Marion Möller


Architectural ornament, Luxembourg,Grand-Ducal Palace 2007

Architectural ornament, detail,Granada,Alhambra 2005

Architectural ornament,Barcelona,no 113 carrer de Girona,2005

Architectural ornament,detail,Amsterdam,no 6 Binnenkant,2007

Architectural ornament,Metz,no10 Rue Charlemagne,2007

Architectural ornament,detail,Granada,Alhambra,2005


Architectural ornaments marked the evolution of cities throughout centuries, stressing out their changes of style, philosophy and identity. They were introducing a way of living, while making part of an architectural language, which is not identifiable anymore. Ornaments stand still, but are almost invisible, for the passer-by does not know the key of their language. The artist Marion Moller explores this situation by paying a predominant attention to urban ornaments. She collects them in cities, ranging from rococo to oriental or Art Nouveau style, to realise two dimensional counterparts of ornamental shapes. These flat and grey revived ornaments strengthen the (dis)connection from the original figure and its displacement into an exhibition space. Marion Moller takes care to stress out their provenance, by putting each time a photograph of the original ornament in its daily environment, like in Amsterdam, Granada, Barcelona. The viewer is therefore implied in an intriguing position in-between the two states. Like Marion Moller says ‘A visitor is able to move between the two situations, he can be present in each of the two places. By his presence, he is part of the work.’