Monali Meher


Running Thread I, 2017

Running Thread VI, 2017

First Departure (2006) photographs based on a performance in Turkey.

Running Thread VIII, 2017

Falling Star I, 2017

Tracing threads, 2017

Monali Meher

RECENT SHOW: Roots and Threads, Borders and Pieces, 2017

Mixed-media artist Monali Meher (works and lives between the Netherlands and India) started her career by introspecting cultural shifts through a series of performances in which body and gender play an important role. For example, she presented at the Tate Modern in London, in 2006, her performance called Between the Familiar/ Unfamiliar, the Home and Heart, Beats a Golden Kiss. Monali Meher has been largely participating to international events like, recently, the Live Art Festival in Glasgow (Scotland), the International Performance Festival in Beijing (China), or the Biennale of Sinop (Turkey). For her solo show at Lumen Travo gallery, Monali Meher takes a turn and proposes a thought about the notion of time, as underlined in the title ‘Departed, Assembled, Wrapped, Captured: Time’. Through a selection of recent and past artworks, the artist points out her exploration into the physicality of time, the way she embodies it, catches it, makes it being visible, manipulates its past and present energy. Her artistic performances, installations, objects, photographs and videos witness her quest for defining the body as a trouble spot of time and space’s connections or mutual extensions. Beyond this quest, Monali Meher draws an ontological thought, time influencing human essence and evolution.