21st October - 18th November  

Mariëlle Videler; Blinded Hunt

Blinded Hunt is a project about hunting, seen as a cultural tradition, an olden instinct, a different way of perceiving the environment and nature. It’s a project about a cultural discovery that took place in the small village of Uummannaq, Greenland, where the Dutch artist Marielle Videler travelled completely blindfolded.

According to Videler, travelling blind opens the mind to a completely different experience; it changes her perspective towards the indigenous cultures she is approaching, it creates a new balance between the senses, and it stimulates the imaginative power. It’s discovering new land without seeing, reconnecting with the non-human environment.

Her trip to Greenland resulted in an intense study of the Inuit culture. Videler only took off her blindfolded glasses only very rarely, opening up for individuals and their stories, patterns of arts and crafts, and making sketches.

The new installation presented at Lumen Travo gallery consist of wood, textile, embroidery, drawings and glass. It is a tribute to the Inuit and especially to the work of Jessie Oonark and Annie Pootoogook.

Opening: 21st October, 17.00 – 19.00
Exhibition: 21st October – 18th November 2017

Blinded Hunt, 2016-2017